Substance Abuse Group

Dr. Merling runs a once weekly substance abuse group in the comfort of his private office.  Many participants prefer this kind of setting to a clinic or large institution as it creates a more personalized, intimate and comfortable atmosphere within which members can explore their substance use patterns, and receive support from group members experiencing similar struggles.  In this group, a harm reduction model is the primary approach with participants  setting their own goals.  For example, some members  might choose to  moderate their use while others choose abstinence as a goal.  The group is diverse in its composition, welcoming to all, and  is composed of high functioning/working individuals where a once weekly group is clinically appropriate.  If a higher level of care is indicated, Dr. Merling will facilitate referral to another group or treatment center.  

In order to ensure appropriateness for this group, all members must meet with Dr. Merling for an initial assessment.  The cost for this is $350.  If accepted to the group, the fee is $155 per group.  Group is held every Wednesday evening from 7:15-8:30 P.M.  While this is meant to be an IN-PERSON group, participants sometimes participate  over Zoom in certain circumstances such as when ill, or because of work committments.  In order to ensure safety of all group members, masks are mandatory for in-person attendance and all participants must show proof of having received the most recent COVID booster.  

For further information, please contact Dr. Merling by email or phone.